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Shenyang Jiuda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Jiuda Machinery Manufacturing Industry experience10 years of manufacturing experience Supporting abilityHeat treatment, electroplating, spraying, oxidation Service guaranteeCustomized non-standard products View details

Shenyang Jiuda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mainly involved in the field of mechanical parts manufacturing and assemblyMature technology and perfect service

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Quality first, reputation firstStrive for perfection is our enterprise product competition idea

  • Large
    Three meters full closed loop CNC Longmen five face milling, four m full closed loop CNC Longmen five face milling
  • Mache
    1.6 meters, 1.1 meters, 850 and other size processing center more than 10 units
  • Test
    Hexagon 1 meters *1.5 meters of three coordinate measuring machine
  • Import
    American VF2SS high speed and high precision machining center
  • Ordin
    Vehicles, milling, drilling, grinding, electric processing equipment more than 10 units
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    Shenyang Jiuda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Why the machinery manufacturing industry customers have chosen Jiuda machinery Shenyang Jiuda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    10 years of manufacturing experience, strength certification10 years of manufacturing experience, strength certification

    Geuda machinery products of excellent quality, reliable reputation, make a product qualified rate above 99%, 100% guarantee delivery, customer trust is our greatest honor

    Advanced equipment, professional technical management teamAdvanced equipment, professional technical management team

    Geuda machinery has more than 30 large and small equipment, improve product testing process, we can do as long as we can do we can do it well, we do not fully meet the equipment, we will do our best to use our resources to do things outside

    International quality certification, quality assuranceInternational quality certification, quality assurance

    Geuda machinery from the management to the manufacturing process through specific strict quality process, quality of bureau of national ISO9001 quality system certification, quality guaranteed

    Tailored to fit the protectionTailored to fit the protection

    Geuda in non-standard automation machinery parts, tooling fixture parts processing experience, to provide comprehensive technical support, pointed out that the design and manufacture of unreasonable conflict, effective for customers to save time and cost of product research and development verification.

    Close service, meticulous worryClose service, meticulous worry

    Huge customer service technician,24 hours caring service Perfect service network system,To provide customers with professional and thoughtful technical services Can meet all kinds of difficult problems according to the customer,Make specific technical solutions。

    About 本公司成立与2014年,坐落于沈阳市沈北新区太平洋工业城A51-2,占地面积2000平方米,公司总人数35人,注册资金200万元。于2016年通过ISO9001质量体系认证。 本公司成立以来,一直致力于高精密机械零部件的加工制造业务,行业涉及自动化、机器人、航空、精密仪器及大中型医疗设备。具备结构件焊接能力、复杂产品的加工制造及装配能力,同时拥有三米、四米全闭环数控龙门五面铣、海克斯康龙门式三坐标测量机和20余台各类数控设备及... more details+